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Hard fall from rollers at high speed

Hi everyone,
I'm a Fuji user (Transonic 2.5) with a technical query.
Some days ago while doing a rather energetic interval session on my Tacx Antares rollers, my bike came out of the rollers at a high speed (25mph-ish) to a sudden and complete stop as it hit the ground (kitchen tile) with a forceful impact (chain derailed).
Even though I did not fall to the ground (I managed to stay fairly upright squatted on my bike) and there was no direct hit to the carbon fork structure, is there anything I should worry about the fork itself due to the abrupt change in speed and floor impact? Do I need to get my fork inspected for any issue? Maybe the carbon steerer tube took the energy blow and needs to be checked? Wheels remain true after the impact and everything seems to be "OK".
I know that forks are one of the strongest bike components due to the amount of abuse they take on a daily basis, but as a cautious rider I wanted to check since this was not an outdoor fall with a direct hit to the carbon fork itself but a violent change in force (from kinetic to static) at high speed taken directly (and violently) by the carbon fork.
Thanks a lot,
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