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Originally Posted by ksryder View Post
It's probably fine. It's less force than hopping a curb, which every bike can do.
Yes, but your actual speed relative to the room, and floor was zero while you were on the rollers. I would speculate the speed you experienced when actually falling off the rollers was much less than 25mph. Had your speed been 25mph you would have traveled a bit of distance in your house before coming to a stop.

You said you made a sudden and complete stop when you came off the rollers, which means your bike came off the rollers, and stopped when the bike hit the floor. The "speed" you were going on the rollers is irrelevant, the only force your bike experienced, was the force of the bike dropping off the rollers, along with your weight, so no more force than that of dropping off a curb of the same height as your rollers.
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