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Originally Posted by Abe_Froman View Post
If you only ever ride at 60% of your FTP or below, how is Strava coming up with your estimated FTP? Or if you only ever ride on group rides? Or if you very often do short interval training?

I can't possibly imagine how a simulated FTP number serves any purpose other than to be a cute toy to look at online with the purpose of increasing and maintaining subscriptions.
You state that you have a trainer with power. I'm assuming that means you don't have power on your road bike. So you have much less data used for analysis than many others, of course unless all of your riding is on a trainer. Just wanted to make sure you understand that.

So your FTP would have to be calculated based on max effort on the trainer. I assume you know that you can link the trainer data to Strava. Then Strava would have that same data to calculate FTP. With the same data available to Strava and yourself, it's just a difference in the algorithm Strava uses vs the manual calc you perform.

I'm not concerned/curious about the Strava calc to inflate or brag about FTP numbers.
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