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New bike help: Hyper Havoc or Schwinn Sidewinder

Iím looking for a bike to ride with my kid. Iím 37 and havenít been on a bike since I was a teenager.
I want to stay under $200. Weíll mostly be riding in the street, paved bike trails and eventually some light mountain bike trails (nothing too crazy).
After checking out bikes at Academy and Walmart, I liked these two the best, but canít figure out which one I like better. Iíve only tried them in store because I donít want to put any rough wear on the tires so i can take the one back that I donít keep.
What do you all suggest? Anything about either of these two bikes scream ďstay awayĒ to any of you more experienced with bikes?
In case it helps with the suggestions, Iím short and fat (5í3Ē and about 205-210 lbs)
Thanks for your time!

Edited because I canít post links yet.

The bikes Iím talking about are:

26Ē Hyper Havoc from Walmart -item 564459821

26Ē Schwinn Sidewinder from Walmart - item 565429974

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