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ChrisJr, welcome to the forums. I will first be rather blunt and say that most folks here would give you the advice, “neither of them.” At that price range the parts are not well made and are likely to be problematic over time. For your budget, your best bet would be to look for a used steel-framed hybrid or mountain bike, with no suspension, from the late 80s or early 90s. They can often be found for less than a hundred.

But that said, of the two bikes there is one big difference that makes the choice easy. And that is, the Hyper has a rear suspension. The suspension system on cheap bikes is their biggest drawback. They add (a lot of) weight, do not work well in the beginning, and are impossible to repair when they break. So, of the two bikes the Schwinn would be best.

The thing about bikes and suspension is that unless you are looking to ride over truly gnarly stuff (large rocks, roots, downed trees, and the like) the best suspension comes from good tires and the rider’s knees. For general road and gravel riding suspension is just not needed.
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