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Originally Posted by Honusms
So happy to hear that you’ll be re-united with your former Miyata 1000! Really interesting data - thanks!

I am 5’5” with short legs and a long torso. My seatpost actually is not all the way up - there’s still about 3” before the do-not-exceed line. I have about a 2 1/2” drop to the handlebars, which is comfortable for me. I’m well balanced from seatbones to feet to hands and do not feel at all confined in the cockpit. There’s plenty of stretch room - especially in the drops for windy days. So you may have a similar experience.

Here’s mine in its current errand-running configuration (minus the panniers that I use for groceries/bulk toting).
One of our BF members supplied the back rack at a very reasonable price .
I'm wondering if there should be a thread entirely dedicated to Miyata 1000s. I seriously love the look of them and every single one I see posted here is elegantly customized. It's hard to keep track of them all!
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