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One of the best and most active touring cyclists around this forum at the moment is Indyfabz. He's been doing it for a while, and seems to choose his times, periods and destinations well.

The job situation is one of the considerations behind it all. I think I've had around five jobs since I took up cycling. None have been the type to make me hugely wealthy, but I have been able to organise my life to change the states and even country where I have lived, and found a true love that also was and remains an incredibly enthusiastic cyclist at several levels.

Right now I am without a job but am still being paid as a result of an almost fatal workplace accident. Even then, if I can get back to work, the intention is to stay employed until I am 70. Retirement to me just seems to be a bit of time doing something until dying... and that doesn't appeal to me at all. An old acquaintance of mine has been demonstrating this by getting out of his long-time senior training career in his 60s and still is actively out in his early 70s pursuing different work.

Cycling is a main part of the lives of Machka and Rowan. Travel is part of those lives, too. Neither of us drinks nor smokes, and our occasional outings are the classical music concerts to reasonably valued seats.

Travel with bicycles is not the pain in the butt many people seem to think it can be; a rider can choose cheapest accommodation (I've done quite a bit of camping in wild bush and alongside roads and I've still got the tent that I bought around 15 years ago, and do a good amount of Trangia cooking); and the availability of money linked with the desire not to do absolutely everything being passed can sure help.
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