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Originally Posted by bakerjw View Post
A friend from has some routes west of 93 that are pretty decent.
Would he/she happen to have any info on Sunday Creek Rd. (NF-315) and Old Fort Steele Trail Rd. between Stryker and Olney? They parallel U.S. 93 just a bit west of the highway. I am going to be heading south from Eureka to Whitefish again this June and I am looking to avoid U.S. 93 as much as possible. Rode it last in 2017. It was pretty darn busy. I'll be riding my LHT with 37c tires. I know the roads are unpaved. That's not a problem. Just don't want to encounter really rocky surfaces.

Thanks in advance for any info you can pass along.

BTW...If you had been to Olney in the past, it appears that Briggs Merchantile was sold. Looks like they tried to fancy up the place by, among other things, getting rid of the cool old pop/soda bottle collection I saw when I was there in 2009.

This sign now adorns the front:

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