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Seven-speed is right out, as others have pointed out, since a 7-speed freewheel won't fit in the space that the 5-speed does. You might be able to get a 6-speed in there, which is common, since a lot of 5-speed bikes have a lot of extra room between the small sprocket and the frame. You may have to add a 2-3mm spacer on the axle, but that's not a game-ender.

for a 6-speed, any Shimano derailleur up to 8-speed would work, as long as it's SIS compatible. You can find a brand-new 7-speed Tourney for ~$12, but anything would do.
Finding a 6-sp shifter might prove troublesome, since it hasn't been a common setup for about 20 years, except in the cheapest of cheap bikes. You could use a 7-speed shifter and just not use the last 'click'
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