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Originally Posted by caloso View Post
As currently drafted, the bill would not apply to road races unless they were held in a state park or beach. And I am unaware of any in California that are.
The first and last sections, yes. Seems Section 3 and opinions below see cycling as affected. The PRC covers mountains too.

SEC. 3.

Section 6504 is added to the Public Resources Code, to read: 6504....(1) “Event” means a competition event that uses lands owned by the state that are under the jurisdiction of the commission.(2) “Prize compensation” includes prize or purse money, other prizes, goods, or other compensation.(b) The commission, for an event that awards prize compensation to competitors in gendered categories, shall require as a condition of a lease that, for any participant level that receives prize compensation, the prize compensation for each gendered category be identical at each participant level. The commission shall not approve a lease for an event that does not comply with this condition.

Some articles on it."If AB 467 passes, it is not clear where the initial impact will be. Boerner Horvath estimated there are thousands of events that could be affected across the state, but did not provide specific examples."

"Though inspired by efforts by surfers, Boerner Horvath’s hope is that equity extends beyond the World Surf League to all levels of surf contests as well as other sports leveraging California’s public lands – from cycling to marathons."

" If passed into law, the bill would require any competitive sporting event with different male and female divisions hoping to run on state-managed lands to offer equal prize money for men and women. Or else, permit and lease requests will be denied by state agencies."
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