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Originally Posted by jimc101 View Post
If you asking this question, it indicates your already out of your depth when it comes to building bikes (and for a frame like this, you really don't want to be out of your depth, it's not one to learn on), for these frames cost, take it to a good LBS and get them to build it.

For the brake type, look at the hole (singular) and it tell you all you need to know.
Originally Posted by HillRider View Post
I agree if you have to ask this question, you don't know enough to build up this bike yourself. You will save both money and time by having a good bike shop provide the parts and do the build.
In your other post you also were having a problem with the authenticity of this frame. Regardless of that issue.... by the level and depth of your question I would seriously think about having a realiable shop build this for you. You can have your fun and buy the parts yourself, but I would not attempt the assembly. You could ruin the frame by simply not knowing the correct torque values for a component or part and basically break the frame and render it useless.
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