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Originally Posted by Spoonrobot View Post
Why? Thatís a 5.5 pound frame thatís going to be extremely stiff. Itís going to handle strange with skinnier tires and really strange if theyíre slicks. As someone whoís done a few roadie rides on a drop bar mtb with slicks - youíll need to be seriously strong to keep up unless itís a very casual ride.

But thatís not really what you came here for I suppose. I did note that although the Change website is seriously lacking specs, Iím almost certain your chosen crankset isnít going to work on that frame.
The plan is for 35-38mm tires for the road riding, changing out to 45mm or wider when I need them (like for touring/trails).
I do ok with roadie rides on my 20" foldie, so long as I am sneaky and draft most of the time.
So this larger wheeled bike should at least perform at least the same (thats the plan anyway ).
This is not my only bike and I do have a Tri-bike, but it'd be nice if this new bike serves double duty every now and then.

Ok. Noted on the crankset.
If thats the case, is there something out there that would clear the chainstays and be at least 46/30T?

Originally Posted by dsaul View Post
To answer your original questions.

2-it doesn't have to be brand specific
3-the same caliper is used for front and rear

You didn't ask, but I agree that your chosen crankset will probably not work on that frame. The bottom bracket is 68mm, so that will work with the road cransket, but the crank arms probably wont clear the chainstays. The distance between the crankarms on most Shimano road doubles is 116mm. Measure the distance across the chainstays at 170-175mm back from the center of the bottom bracket. If it is more than 110mm, you don't have enough clearance to use that crankset.
Thanks for the inputs.
I just ordered a pair of TRP Spyres.

If you know of a crankset that can clear the chainstay and takes 48/32T or 46/30T, do let me know. TIA
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