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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
You're missing my point about the space station. If humans can live sustainably on a space station, then there is no limit to population growth on Earth. A space station is a self-contained system that doesn't affect anything outside of it.

What you don't like about population growth is density. You have a preference for less people to share more space, but it's not a natural limit to population growth and sustainability; just a subjective preference to have less people in an area instead of more.

You want to have less people because you want the freedom to drive.

So basically you're whole population limits argument comes down to you not wanting to give up driving.

That explains why you come on a car-free forum to argue with people who are for reducing driving, pavement, and sprawl and the unsustainability that comes with them.
No I came here to learn how people deal with being car free only to find most are car free like people that give up smoking only to bum cigarettes from others.

I say again, what happens when you add 25 percent more people to a space station already supporting 100 people? They are no longer sustainable. You have to increase supply to feed and water that many people. Maybe if you would have experienced being on a long cruise on a ship with enough water and food for the journey a
only to pick up extra people in the doldrums. I know you donít know but take a guess.
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