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The subject bicycle is a 1987 Bianchi Sport SX. This was the 1st year for SunTour's Accushift indexed systems and they introduced five levels: Superbe Pro, Sprint 9000, Cyclone 7000, Alpha 5000 and Alpha 3000. While the Accushift version of Sprint and Cyclone rec'd x000 numbering, they weren't part of the Alpha system as they had predecessors and were full groups. Alpha 5000 & 3000 were brand new and consisted only of derailleurs, shift levers, freewheel and chain.

Alpha 5000 would be considered upper entry level. It's direct market competition in 1987 was Shimano Light Action. Alpha 5000 does not, IMO, have a good reputation and I do not consider it desirable or valuable.
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