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I didn't use a mirror untill a year ago. Now i can say that it contributes to a more safe commute. I use it as a secondary level of protection. I still turn my head when for example i want to turn on a junction.

I use a Mirrycle mirror, quite pricey here in Europe. But it is solid. I quess there are other decent brands outhere.

Originally Posted by chas58 View Post
I can see why people don't like mirrors. Most of them just don't work well.

The exception is a helmet mounted mirror. I can't commute without one. Get a helmet mounted mirror. Its the only way to go.

Commuting was fun, until they invented cell phones. Now I need to know what is going on behind me. It as if 1/10th of the drivers are drunk as being on a cell phone has the same effect.
That is definitely true.
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