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The battery doesn't have to be mounted to the charger, but the general safest recommended option for charging large lithium batteries is to not charge them in your house, and to not charge them on the bike, connected to the electrical system. 99.99% of the time they're fine, but the .01% that the charger/battery management system doesn't cut the voltage when the batteries are charged, they can go into thermal overload, burst into flames, and burn your house to the ground. That's why all of the news stories about hover boards catching fire and burning people's houses down when they became really popular. I do charge my battery inside, but charge it near the door in a large ceramic pot so I can put it outside if something goes wrong. Chances are nothing will ever happen, but it's not a big deal to be safe with them, so I try to.

In any case, for various reasons, including charging safety, ease of charging, the ability to swap batteries, ease of creating a waterproof cover for the battery, etc, etc, I'm going to install the battery using the three holes.
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Your link says the battery weighs "about a kg" which is 2.2 lbs. Any shop in Madison should be able to install a riv nut, for sure Yellow Jersey. .
Well, it says "About kg." I believe that is a typing error. Perhaps they have a blank form that they fill in for each battery or something, and didn't enter the weight. It most certainly weighs more than 2lbs. It weighs ~10lbs. And Yellow Jersey doesn't exist anymore. For reasons I won't go into, they would be my last choice, and I'm not surprised they had to close the shop... They existed because they had the perfect location and they were there for a long time. Then more options became available.
If in the Madison area, I'd highly recommend Revolution cycles. Otherwise Budget Bicycles service shop has always been good when I've gone there. I haven't gone to their other locations.

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