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Originally Posted by Trakhak View Post
Replacing the cassette often means that the either or both derailleurs will need to be readjusted, since the new cassette may be positioned slightly inboard or outboard of where the original cassette was positioned. Your description of the chain dropping off the crankset and the chain failing to index correctly on the cassette sprockets suggests that you should check both derailleurs.

Also, for best cassette life, try to get in the habit of using the big chainring in combination with the middle cassette sprockets rather than the smaller chainring(s) in combination with the smallest cassette sprockets for riding on level ground at speed.
From what I can tell though, the derailleurs are adjusted ok. The rear is not allowing any travel past the top of bottom of casette body if I try to get to to, and the front looks to be less than a mm from the outer edge of the chain on both high/low limit. Gear changes are also instant and accurate, as far as I can tell anyway, I'm sure I would've noticed.
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