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Originally Posted by Renato GF Naso View Post
Posted by: MNHarv
On: 05-13-19 12:46 PM

Quote: Renato GF Naso also forgot about all the animal sacrifice for human sin which is prescribed in the old testament. Man, those are
some complicated methods of absolution for screwing up. And Jesus also performed two miracles involving killing an untold
amount of fish: The apostles were fishing and weren't catching anything. He showed them the immediate value of obedience by
telling them to do something on faith. They followed his command and could barely pull their fishing nets in for all the fish the nets
held. The second fish killing miracle was when Jesus fed the five thousand. Now that's a lot of fish! End of quote.

(I don't need to comment the old testament... it will speak for itself, just by reading the first chapters!) When Jesus fed the five thousand,
he didn't kill five thousand fish (he did that with the 153 large fish), since his "dear father in heaven" (a space-ship in the shape and
color of a black dice with 144'000 cabins) has sent a matter-multiplying ray, to do the job!

I've got to try here, because I've been banned from another forum ("Why are cars so much more popular than bicycles ?") not because
I've been offending someone, but because I'm a believer in (NONVIOLENT!!) religious communism!! (The best thing for America and the
rest of the world!!) and it looks like I'm too revolutionary for a "normal" mind! The guy who banned me and has deleted five of my

Please avoid religious commentary in Bike Forums, it can become very disruptive and hostile when people disagree on strongly held
beliefs. Believe me, it only takes one or two remarks to set some people off in the wrong direction. In general please stay on topic, you
have strayed more than once in this thread.


Anybody can write stuff other than on bikes, but me! So much for "democracy" and "freedom of speech"!
So you just pick the most active threads in each forum and post something totally unrelated to the topic or to bikes in general....and you're just shocked that it's deleted?

For real?

And the First Amendment says 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech...."

Congress isn't doing it. Bikeforums is. The First Amendment says nothing about preventing Bikeforums from abridging all the speech it wants to on Bikeforums.
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