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Could my Ultegra 6500 cassette be don

So today I installed a new Taya 9 speed gold chain on my 3 x 9 racing triple road bike. I do Molten Speed Wax so I stripped the factory lube in 2 odorless mineral spirit washes and one denatured alcohol wash before I let the chain take a bath in the crock pot with the liquid Molten Speed Wax. My crankset is an Ultegra 6603 triple and the cassette is an Ultegra 6500 12/23 nine speed. The cassette has maybe 10,000 miles on it. The cassette did not skip before.

When I departed on my ride the chain skipped several times as I climbed a slight hill. At first, I assumed that the chain might be a bit stiff from the Molten Speed Wax. I was running late for my ride so I installed the chain “hot” and did not take the time to go through and flex every link. As I installed the chain I did not notice any stiff links.

But the chain continued to skip throughout tonight’s mixed terrain ride of 54 miles. The thing is it only skipped on the rear cassette while I was in the 30 tooth “granny” chainring in the front. On the middle and big chainring, it ran smoothly - both in & out of the saddle.

So as I was riding I formulated a hypothesis that my cassette is possibly worn out. I have no idea why It seems to only be skipping in the rear while I’m in the 30 tooth chainring though.

Does the shifting symptom I have described suggest a worn cassette? I mean it does have about 10,000 miles on it. I do a fair amount of steep hill climbing out of the saddle and I weigh just under #200 . I’m a pretty smooth pedaler and have never been hard on my equipment.

I have a Rohloff HG cassette elongation checker which I bought last year but have never used. I think it is time to pull it out and evaluate the individual rear cogs where the gear slipping is occurring (it seems to be mostly in the 19 & 21 tooth cogs combined with the 30 tooth chainring where this is happening.

Feel free to make suggestions if I am missing something or do folks think I’m on the right track?

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