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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Sweet-looking bike. Now I have an example to emulate! Did you paint just the fenders/mudguards, or the whole bike? The paint on mine is not too bad, except along the top tube where the extra shifter is mounted.

One puzzling thing about my bike is the mounted headlight with no dyno hub. Maybe the original owner can clear things up whenever I get around to emailing him.

Ordered some parts today, including the indicator pin and an axle nut. Hopefully the IGH is in decent condition.
I generally preserve as much of the original paint as I can. Many times the old enamel only dulls a few microns on the surface and polishing compound will restore quite a bit of the lost gloss. Other times the oxidation is too deep and polishing won't make much of a difference. What I did with this mudguard was removed loose rust with a knife and wire brush, trimmed off a half inch of unsalvageable steel , reinforced the lower 4 inches where the steel was thinned from rust with JB Weld on the underside, painted the underside, touched up rusted areas on the primary surface with an artists brush and black Rustoleum. I let this dry a week and then polished the whole mudguard to blend the repair in. On this bike I chose not to smooth the pitting on the steel. You can use the paint as a filler, but then it requires wet sanding and I didn't want to disturb any more of the original finish. So, as you can see in the picture, you can see the repair, but it doesn't jump out at you because the gloss was evened out by compounding. I don't mind the scars of use and age, I just want to remove red rust and protect the steel. So the only repainted areas on the mudguard are the underside and the lower 4 or so inches where the paint was gone and rusting set in. This bike did gloss up nicely from the polishing.
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