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Depends of you're talking about training vs racing. If training, you rotate off the front and drift to the back - presumably that's what everyone else does. You might be one of the "workhorses" of the team, but doesn't everyone take a pull at the front, or does your group have 5-6 "workhorses" rotating at the front and everyone else just trailing behind? What sort of a team is that? If, during a group ride, someone rotated off the front and attempted to muscle in in front of me without me expressly offering them a gap, they might get yelled at.

I imagine during racing it's a little bit more rough & tumble. Assuming during a race, the large group comprises riders from multiple teams, so why would a rider from an opposing team go out of his way to accommodate one of your teams "workhorses" and let you in? It's to his teams advantage for you to be relegated to the rear of the group. It's to your teams advantage to ensure that you aren't, so you muscle in. On the other hand, maybe you want to be at the back, so that other teams' riders are doing the work? Depends on the stage of the race, I suppose.

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