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Everybody is different. This is something I simply didn't understand when I started riding. I guess I figured there were a couple of good saddles that would basically be magic for most riders. That is apparently not the case. In the past year I've tried a dozen or so saddles. I've found a couple that work pretty well for me and a bunch that didn't. For me...gel padding is a must. The seats that work or almost work for me all have gel padding. The others...not so much. My two most comfortable saddles are Serfas Dual Density models. Two different ones. But your mileage will likely vary.

Make sure you get a saddle that's wide enough. Too narrow and it tends to pry your sit bones apart which is not a good feeling. Most bike shops will have a sit-bone measuring device which will tell you how wide your sit bones are. Add about 10mm to that measurement and look for a saddle in that width.

As @hillyman mentioned, you do have to get used to riding on a bicycle saddle, to start with. For me, this took about 300 miles of riding. And it takes me about 100 miles to get used to any given saddle.


Edited to add that I also wear cycling shorts with gel pads. Some folks claim padded shorts on a padded saddle is a no go, but it works for me, and it's what was required for me to get past the initial soreness when I started riding. I'm going to try some non-padded shorts soon.

Also, you shouldn't be wearing underwear under your cycling shorts. Doing so will almost certainly add to the pain issue.

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