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Originally Posted by XPat9 View Post
I wouldn't take that bet. Just bought my first recumbent from Performer. Christine and Vanessa were notorious for ignoring my email inquiries. I live in China. A Performer bike was the path of least resistance to purchase here.
I still find it unbelievable I had to literally beg them to sell me a trike. I should have heeded the omen!
Once I got one, there was a welding imperfection inside the frame that wouldn't allow the boom to be inserted. There's a problem with the (indirect steering) tie rods that'd take too much time to explain, and just when I was about to take it on the road, I faced a defective front derailleur.
Now I'm stuck between a Chinese dealer that doesn't know anything and a company - Performer Cycle - that refuses to answer any email or texts. I am told to deal only with the Chinese dealer. We offered to buy and they refused to sell us a new front derailleur. It can be very difficult to buy genuine parts in China...
If I ever get it on the road, I'll come back. Maybe I'll eat my words, but some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life - Performer Cycles - stands on its own.
I don't know ... how much time did you spend reading back posts on BROL or BF before you started crossposting, and now thread hijacking? You'd have to be in a whole lot of denial not to see that Christine, Vanessa and Victoria are beloved on six Continents by all who deal with them. Let me tell you something. It was HARD getting my bikes ordered. Even you must realize that communication in English is just about possible for the Taiwan based customer support team. Your situation of being an English speaker in China ... tell me you're aware that Taiwan and China do not have the friendliest of relations? Now I really don't know how much geo-politics, language barrier, attitude, or any other thing play into your present difficulties but I can tell you I actually composed and paid for an ad on Craigslist for a Taiwanese speaker to help me work with Christine. When none could be found I rolled up my sleeves and used every ounce of understanding I possessed and made a breakthrough. God forgive me for judging you as lacking somewhat in understanding. But I fear this is the case. We can't help you out of your predicament because you aren't listening. You haven't followed up with any of your other open threads so ... good luck. The common denominator here is you. I don't know what you said, or what you did, but you said or did something to bring things to the point where Christine won't return your emails. Fix it. Or don't. Plenty of people buy bikes, used usually, find them needing something fixed and they have to get resourceful because they bought the thing "as is" and now have no recourse. That is essentially the situation you're in. It isn't a death sentence. Come on man, just get the trike finished and go riding. You'll feel a whole lot better.
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