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Originally Posted by rantoie View Post
What do people think about getting a cheap ebay flashlight, like an inexpensive CREE XML-T6, that uses 18650 batteries, can be focused and mounted in a flashlight holder? I am worried that I'd end up with a oncoming blinding device, because there wouldn't be any nice cut-off...
No idea about the flashlight without seeing the beam. Most of those types of flashlights I've tried have very even beam patterns but not as much light on the road ahead. Okay for walking/hiking, maybe cycling around 10-12 mph. Some might be better than others.

BTW, the Two Fish holder with rubber block and Velcro straps works well. I used it to replace the broken rubber band strap on one of my bike headlights.

Most dedicated bike headlights for the US market tend to concentrate the beam in the center, with falloff toward the edges. It's an unevenly distributed semi-flood pattern. My Light & Motion Urban 500 and NiteRider Lumina Micro have nearly identical beams -- hot in the center, dimmer toward the edges. Probably helps to get more reach from lower power to get a reasonable compromise between apparent brightness and battery run time per charge.

To minimize spill I use a homemade hood/diffuser on my L&M Urban 500. It's just an empty translucent white pill bottle, cut to shape with scissors and a craft knife. The plastic is soft but tough, easy to cut to shape. Flexible enough for repeated reuse without cracking. I'll attach the hood/diffuser for riding the MUP at night, or group rides. Puts the light where I need it most, minimizing spill that might blind or annoy other folks. On solo rural rides I remove the hood -- easier to see overhanging trees, etc.

Homebrewed diffuser/hood made from white translucent plastic pill bottle.

Hood helps minimize blinding oncoming cyclists/joggers on the local MUP.

Black tape over the top helps protect my dark adapted eyes at night. I leave just a little of the translucent hood bare toward the bottom. It glows like a light bulb and enhances my visibility to cars from the sides.
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