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Handlebar recommendations

Iím looking to make my Pinarello Gan RS in 57.5 work for me still. Iím 6í1/6í2Ē and Iím a bit disappointed because the bike looks and feels a lot more massive than I expected, especially in the front - and thatís with coming from a 60cm steel frame...

I suspect that the handlebar is part of my problem. I already put a shorter stem on but I really dislike the wide handlebar it came with. Not just because of the actual width itself but because of the distance/variance between top of the handlebar vs riding on the hoods. Itís about a 15cm difference. My old bike had more of a 10cm difference. Not sure about the width. The Most Pinarello bar on the Gan RS is listed as 46(!) cm but measures more like 44. My old one is probably a 40 or 42. My daughterís Trek has a bar that probably would work for me, a compact Bontrager that measures 42 but it actually says 40 printed on it.

Obviosuly, Iíd want something nicer that fits the Pinarello, light and from carbon I guess.

So what would I be looking for? Any recommendations? Is it worth trying to sell the current Most XC?
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