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Originally Posted by CaptMike View Post
Noob cable install question. I am changing both brake and shifter cables and housings on my older MTB. I have the Park 4th hand tool, and have seen how it works. My question is, how much do you stretch the new cable? Finger stretch it, then do a hand full of the cable tool, for the brake cables? I have the barrel adjusters all the way in, then a partial turn out. Any rule of thumb? And is it the same for the derailleur cable? Or just finger stretch that one, lock it in, then see what you have. Thank you.
For brakes, All adjusters to their minimum, I get it taught by hand, making sure all the housing ferrules are properly seated.

For derailleurs, control adjusters all the way in, rear derailleur adjust one turn out, make sure both chains are on the smallest cog and control to minimum number, stretch by hand.

Once set and checked out, trim excess from cables and crimp on a cable end.

I only use the 4th hand tool when I am adjusting a (already installed) short cable or when my fat fingers aren't working right.

I sometimes use a trigger clamp to hold brake pads in towards rim like this
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