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Originally Posted by XPat9 View Post
Nice, using a word like 'hijack' to describe my seeking help for a problem.
I dealt with Performer Cycles for 3 months, 2 months of which was pretty regular.
Things went sour when the bolt on the derailleur stripped. They referred me to the Chinese dealer,
said it was my fault, and stopped communicating with me.
'Beloved' is not a word that comes to mind.
Hijack is as hijack does. Post #16 in a thread started by someone else? Seriously, you are going to give me stuff for calling you on it? So all this over a freaking stripped bolt? Of course they referred you to the dealer. That's what dealers are for. If your behavior at the dealers is anything like what it has been in these forums I don't wonder why you've been having a less than optimal experience. Maybe contact Microshift? Chances are if you were stateside you could take it to a large tool center and they could duplicate that bolt. Probably something similar exists in China. You're there. We're not. Beloved may not be the word YOU would use but isn't it starting to filter through yet that your experience doesn't match with what most (maybe more than most) others experience with Performer. And this dealer ... you don't exactly seem to be getting on like a house on fire there either. Find a new bolt, complete your trike, go riding. Peace.
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