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Originally Posted by Abe_Froman View Post
This might be a dumb question...but I've never had GPS and I'm sort of considering getting one.

When you load up a route, will it recalculate when you go off course like a car or phone GPS will? Or are you just sort of screwed?
Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Newer units will (Wahoo Roam and Garmin 530/830). Older units, like Element/Bolt, will kinda, sorta point you in the right direction to get back on track.
Originally Posted by maartendc View Post
The Garmin 830 does, and I believe the new 530 does as well. The 520 did not I believe.

The Wahoo Elmnt and Element Bolt do NOT do this. They just say you are "off course" and show the general direction to get back to the pre-mapped course. The new Wahoo elemnt Roam DOES recalculate.

Be aware that when compared to a phone or car GPS, there are all kinds of weird caveats to the navigation on these units. On the Garmin 530 and Wahoo elemnt roam, you cannot input an address, just select a point on the map, and then go there, or select from presaved locations and route there. The Element Bolt relies purely on your smartphone to get a new route, and then syncs with your phone. It does not calculate routes on the unit itself at all.

The only units that do all the things you would normally expect from them in terms of proper navigation are the Garmin 830 and 1030.

I would suggest you seriously read through the detailed reviews from DCRainmaker on any of these units before buying. Enough things on there were dealbreakers for me in terms of navigation.

I opted to go for a smartphone + mount instead for navigation. Not as good in terms of battery life or screen readability, but works for me.
I don't think I ever noticed this before, but using a route on my 520+ today and took a course detour and the navigation attempted to route me back to the course, at first via U-turn, then by recalculating to the new route I was using. I was aware of the detour and the alternate route and the recalculation was correct and a bit of a surprise.
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