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I already have a wired bike computer and a headlight/daytime running light on my handlebar. It's not so much that I'm trying to keep from having clutter, it's more like I'm trying to keep it from growing. Another disadvantage to having the phone on the bike is the display isn't really good in daylight. It's a rather old phone model (iPhone 6s) but I think what really makes it hard to read is my polarized sunglasses.

I have stopped many times to check the map to see where I am but I don't think I could do that while riding.

That said, I had originally intended this for route planning - figuring out good places to ride regardless of the winds. As you implied the other day, Wildwood, the layout of of the city is largely north south so most of the busier roads are north/south. That leaves me to ride east/west if I want to avoid traffic as much as possible and those routes aren't as long.
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