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Cool idea!
Thanks for doing it.

A year or two ago a local news article indicated the Dallas area had more of these type bikes than any other area in the US if I recall correctly.

They were practically everywhere.

Yesterday, I saw this ad on the local Craigslist in the mid-cities area of Dallas - Ft. Worth
for the yellow Ofo bikes.
$65 for one bike with quantity discounts.
It indicates they are new.

Seller must have purchased a bunch of them to resell.

I think their were 5 or more companies competing here at the peak of the rental bike boom.

I found myself wondering if a quality inflatable tire would fit on those wheels.
Translate, cheap generator light system for one of my bikes.
My quess is it would require new rims and wheel rebuild.

I also would like to know what these bikes originally cost and what went wrong with their 'business model'.

Regarding the cost, a comparably equipped REI bikes, but with inflatable tires are over a grand, aren't they?

Also the tracking system intrigues me.
How big?
Where located on the bike?
Available to buy for individuals?
How much?
Transferrable to one of my bikes?

I'm visualizing a vintage mt bike with some of these parts.

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