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Originally Posted by Juggy_Gales View Post
It's just something I have been hearing recently..

I had owned bikes years ago.. But had not ridden in 20yrs until 2017 when I bought my aluminum bike and kept seeing everything being
Aluminum, Carbon or Titanium.. And sure Surly made steel bikes but so many bikes were not..
But now I am seeing many more steel bikes being made and new manufacturers using steel.
Nothing wrong with steel, I know.. and any bike I owned growing up including my first mountain bike in the 90's was steel.

I just have not ridden a steel bike in all of those years so I forget what a steel bike even feels like and how they would compare..
Does a steel bike feel sluggish in comparison..

Read history? lol.. I know.. Steel was how bikes were made since they were first built.. I get it. I know its not 'NEW'

I meant it as I am noticing a resurgence in Steel bike popularity and wondered what sparked it. Nostalgia? Steel Durability?
My experience is that my steel bike (Trek 957) seems to go faster downhill (gravitational pull). And when the old Cateye Solar edges toward 60 MPH there's comfort level knowing that the bike is held together with metal.
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