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Originally Posted by Flip Flop Rider View Post
Dropping the bike and riding are 2 different things. Yes 2 bikes of differing materials will fall at the same rate, but when riding momentum counts
The difference between downhill and level is that you are "falling" down the downhill slope, so that isn't a momentum issue. I was responding to a post that specified "downhill" and "gravitational pull".

Momentum is mass times speed, so saying a vehicle is moving faster because it has more momentum is somewhat circular. The heavier object at the same speed will have more momentum, but it doesn't mean it's going faster.

Now, the heavier bike may be less prone to bounce around on the pavement, and that may or may not help to preserve momentum at the bottom of the hill, but my knowledge of such physics is admittedly nil.

Weight weenies tend to overstate the importance of overcoming inertia in acceleration to make absurd speed claims about fractions of ounces, but one has to be careful about not overstating the importance of weight in preserving momentum (also inertia), otherwise we should all be riding 100 pound bikes.
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