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Originally Posted by BKE View Post
Afternoon Bob. First off, so sorry to hear about the past accident, glad you both recovered. And to think, that was way before everyone (toddlers included) became addicted to their smart devices, even while driving.

As for the fractal maze comparison, that is exactly what I think when Google Maps shows me the properties that my wife finds out there on the current market. Makes my stomach queasy thinking about living in one of those crazy mazes. In fact, they are so much so, do you think an APP exists that could actually give you what you want with any accuracy (kinda like using an older GPS that hasn't been updated)?

Daughter is in Daytona and we're 5 hrs. away, just wanting a more reasonable drive time to visit her and we want the beach like she has (out her door and we're set up on beach in about 20 mins.). We're open to anything from Port Orange down to let's say Port St. Lucie. Biggest problem is that we have about 6 acres now and we do have neighbors that we can see, but I'd probably dislocate my shoulder just trying the get a stone into their yards. So once again, thinking about living like that unfortunately makes me somewhat ill.

Good luck with your search Bob,

That's quite a range - about 150 miles from Port Orange to Port St. Lucie. With the range comes more flexibility, along with more difficulty in figuring out where to go. Filter that with the kinds of things you like to do or you'd like to see. We watch pretty much every launch from our side yard. Once the rocket is in flight for a minute, it pretty much doesn't matter where you are along the coast. OTOH the only time we've seen the SpaceX return engine burns to recover the booster was because it was a night flight and they came back to land on the KSC instead of their ship at sea.

It's such a varied area, from very rural to crowded, that it's hard to come up with places to point you to. For sure there are larger parcels of land out west in Melbourne, although I don't know they match your six acres. These are not the fractal neighborhoods. These are west of I-95, near the big lake in the city, Lake Washington. On the other hand, there are probably areas just as nice within 30 to 50 miles that aren't as expensive. On the west side of the lake, there are options, too. I think they're expensive in the Melbourne area because the area has had a lot of job growth in aviation and with the private rocket companies being within a 20 to 30 mile radius. There's also a pretty healthy electronics industry here.

Still, it's still a small city - 70 or 80,000 people. It's not a place full of nightlife although I think you're probably not looking for that.

Back to the original topic, I did a little looking around at iPhone apps, and I think I'll sign up for the free version of RideWithGPS. I intend to do the route planning at home, and either bring notes or just do my best to remember, but I'll keep an open mind.
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