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Originally Posted by medic75 View Post

The LBS offered to set me up tubeless at no cost. I am assuming that means labor and sealant because the bike is supposed to be tubeless ready. I have never done tubeless, as I have never seen a need to. My gravel bike is tubeless ready, but I have never had a flat or seen a need to run lower pressure, so tubeless just seemed like more of a hassle than anything else. I figured I will try it, but I also know that the LBS is probably counting on future sales of sealant.

I have been considering Jones h-bars as longer rides with flat bars usually result in my hands going numb. I can only imagine that this will be exacerbated by the wider bars of the Stache. Time will tell on that because I am not ready to dump that kind of $$$ on bars just yet and apparently people like them because I can't find any used ones for sale.
The 45 degree sweep of Jones bars will reduce reach, so keep that in mind if you are interested in those. The few times I've used them, I've had to compensate with a longer stem, otherwise it felt like the handlebars were in my lap. Like someone else mentioned, there are bars with varying degrees of sweep that you could consider to get your wrists in a more comfortable position. Ergon has a bunch of grips that can help there as well.

Well set-up tubeless isn't a hassle at all in my opinion. Topping off sealant every few months (can vary depending on your climate) is not a big deal, especially with removable valve cores, which eliminate the need to break a tire bead to add sealant. Buy a big bottle of Orange Seal or Stan's and it will last you a really long time if only used to occasionally top off one bike's tires.
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