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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post
I see this same general line of advice given put when these type of threads pop up every few months.

I cpuldnt disagree more with your claim thats wife doesn't need a hobby. I wpuld guess that every married woman in this forum would disagree since, you know, they all have cycling as a hobby and presumably like it.

I can't imagine how tragicly the convrrsation would go if I told my wife she doesn't need a hobby, she just needs me.
It would start with her laughing so hard she was in tears, and would end with her continuing her hobby because, you know, she likes it.

As for a wife coming first and everything else coming second, that seems quite inconsistent. Why isn't it expected for the wife to view the husband as coming first and everything else coming second?

In the end, mutual respect and interest in cooperation is required. Thst means both people need to want to work to give and take.
I cherish my wife because she is capable and independent.

It isnt up to me to make her happy, it's up to me to support her as she figures out what makes her happy.

I'm guessing this just sent me back on the iggy.
+1. /thread
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