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Originally Posted by Mobile 155 View Post
What is sad is we are supposed to be addressing the problem with mass transit in this country and someone keeps trying to drag the conversation to people who work hard make too much money or live in the wrong places. Maybe the hardest part is the contention that there is a cabal that is formed because if someone wants to be Car Free the rest of society is guilty because that lifestyle is more difficult than the one society has moved toward for 100 years. The majority should change because the ultra minority says it should? The majority should embrace mass transit even if it doesn’t work for them?

Some people do find the constant complaining about how others choose to live as amusing. I have never told my neighbor what to drive or where to live and am not interested in having a neighbor telling me to ride a bus rather than a motorcycle or my car or a tractor trailer. And if they do I just smile because I find the bus less that the best method for me and my family. Disappointing that neighbor would be fine with me.
I got out of bike advocacy for many of these reasons.
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