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Everything is possible, its just a matter of how resourceful you are, who does the work, and what budget you have. If you take it to a bike shop and ask them to do it, you will be MUCH better off selling it and buying a bike with the shifters you want. Even if you are resourceful, you still will likely be better off selling it (or passing on it) and buying the bike you want.

A good deal on a bike you don't want is really not that good of a deal.

Stem shifters are the cheapest option. If you have a co op nearby, you can probably pick up a set for under $10. Add downtube cable stops, new cables and housings, and you are done. Could be completed for under $25 if you do the work yourself.

I am seeing nice used bikes with STI shifters for $150 to $200. Hard to get there at that price with the Fuji or any other old school bike for that matter.

This bike started with downtube shifters (you are not going to find one like this for $200).

Tools Prologue Series 5 Xmas 006 by wrk101, on Flickr

I've done several. None can be done at the cost of used, more basic STI bikes right now.

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