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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
8 am - I use my car to get to university. On the way I pick up another student also going to university who pays me nothing. I park at the university (parking fees).
If the car is yours, you would get paid at the regular rate the ride-share pays to owner-drivers.

9 am - Someone picks up my car and drives into north Hobart.
Why would you pay parking fees if someone takes your car and drives it elsewhere?

10 am - I don't have a car because it is in north Hobart, so I have to walk to work.
No, but you are being paid for the time your car is being used for ride-sharing.

5 pm - I still don't have a car because it's out in Sorell, so I have to take the bus home.
Or you could hail a ride-drive share ride, and your car or some other car might show up. There might also be a way to let the system know you want your car back at 5pm, so the system favors rides/drives that work your car back in your direction throughout the day.

The car travels around Hobart and greater Hobart throughout the day and finally ends up in New Norfolk late in the evening.

9 pm - I realise that I'm going to need to get to the university early.

Now I've got a couple choices:

A) I can take the early bus to the university and try to track down my car later in the day if I've got time ... but I do have work and I've got an assignment coming due which I need to work on in the evening. Maybe someone will drive it into my vicinity but if not, I'll just walk or take the bus.

B) Rather than doing my homework, I use a combination of bus and taxi to travel the 50 km out to New Norfolk to get my car and drive home ... arriving home shortly before midnight. I realise that my fuel tank is now empty because people have been using my car all day, and I've got to get up even earlier so that I can swing by a service station on the way to university. I squeeze an hour of homework in before collapsing into bed exhausted knowing I'd better get some sleep because I need to be up at 6:30 am in order to fork over $80 to fill my car with fuel I'll hardly use.

And another day. And another day.
You would not be good at programming the ride/drive-share routing app.
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