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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Because the car sits there for an hour before someone comes to get it. The car is not always going to be on the move.
You can park your car wherever you want, but the app might not necessarily request it. If you wanted the app to lend it out to another driver, then you would want to park it somewhere that is more likely to happen.

So explain what should happen if this ride/drive-share routing app did exist in a situation where a person travels to more than one location and lives a full and busy life.
Let's assume that if you are going places with lots of traffic flow, there will be vehicles passing regularly that are on your ride/drive-share network. If that's the case, then you just hail a ride with the app. Now, let's say the driver of the next vehicle to pick you up is planning to depart the vehicle before your destination and there is no one else to take over the driving. In that case, you would have to wait for another ride, if you didn't want to or couldn't take over the driving. If you could, then you would get picked up and when that driver gets out, you would take over the driving. You might also be picking up and letting out passengers both before and after you take over the driving.

It could be my scenario above or it could be a family transporting kids to various locations.
Families and children are obviously a special case with special needs. You always claim to be a positive person, yet you look for the most negative scenarios to undermine ideas.
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