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Originally Posted by pedex View Post
How long will it take you to understand the transportation and delivery businesses? Until you do that you have no idea what is going on or how to go about it.
I understand that ride-share platforms exist and that they coordinate rides using algorithms that match ride-seekers with potential ride-givers.

I also understand that currently, there is no way for a driver to use his or her own vehicle to go to a destination without making his or her vehicle unavailable for further rides.

I also understand there are car-sharing platforms and rental car platforms that allow drivers to share vehicles

What is missing from the market is a platform that combines ride-sharing with driver/car-sharing within the same integrated platform.

If Uber doesn't fill that gap, someone else will eventually. There is just no reason to block IT and smartphone technology from facilitating forms of transportation sharing that hold immense potential to reduce congestion by overcoming limitations of current public transit systems.

The only reason these things are having trouble getting off the ground is because of aggressive reactions in favor of the status quo because of fears that change could have negative economic effects.

How long can such reactionary forces suppress technological possibilities? Forever? If so, is that the kind of world you want to live in?
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