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For those interested in the book shown above, itís not about the French resistance. Itís about a British secret ops group that trained French-speaking women (some French nationals, some ex-pats, etc) to parachute into occupied France and prepare for D-Day. Blow stuff up, smuggle out downed airmen, organize safe houses and local support, etc, etc.
Of course theyíre nearly all caught, tortured, some tortured to death, by the Nazis and their collaborationist allies.
Young women in their 20s, one woman a grandmother, some married, one with 3 small children... All of whom had been living safely in Britain but felt compelled to volunteer for the cause.

I only started this thread because I got a chuckle out of the illustration, but there you have the rest.

(Iím aware that Iím the one who referred to French resistance warriors, that was an innacuracy on my part.)

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