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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
You are talking about some external level. I thought you meant there was some reason within the share platform/system that it wouldn't work.

Uber is currently filtering out bad drivers and riders, so the bad service problem will be dealt with as the sabotage that it is.

As for eliminating car ownership, why would that be a bad thing? Most people don't really own their cars anyway. They just make monthly payments on them until they trade them in.

If Uber or some other ride-share platform could get you a lower monthly payment, why would that be a bad thing?
From a game theory standpoint the idea is a loser platform is irrelevant.

Human nature is a factor you don't seem to grok.

People like freedom. Speak for yourself but I like my vehicle and of the 53 of them I have owned 51 were bought and paid for with cash.

Uber is already losing so much $$ they will likely fail. They aren't something to be emulated IMO. Last thing I would want is them to be a creditor either.
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