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Originally Posted by sdmc530 View Post
This is why i like NUUN because it comes in plastic tubes that are easy to carry. Its my go to drink mix
Oh, I live by that stuff. But for the key part of the day I end up with both one of those for the electrolytes and minerals, and gatorade for the sugar and perhaps flavor.

Maybe I should just buy sugar cubes to augment the nuun?

There's no small irony in eating healthy all week and then running on sugar for a ride, but I've found I do far better when I drink it, and in recent rides eat a pair of sandwiches by halves (wrap them by halves in waxed paper then re-pair in a baggy, toss in the freezer overnight) through the morning and early afternoon, than when I wait until a late afternoon lunch stop and try to subsist on cliff bars.

I actually experimented with using an empty nuun tube to hold gatorade powder; I was sawing off the dessicant thingy in the cap with a steak knife but not getting what felt like a food-grade result, maybe I should just leave it, or just clip off that web-spring. I'm at the point distance and duration wise where I'd prefer to head out with powder to make up 3-4 liters, because I'm typically out until dusk or later. Though I do find if I started well that late in a ride I can cut back to just nuun, and eventually just water.

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