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Originally Posted by PepeM View Post
Hello, fellow BFers.

Lately, I have been riding my steel pedalbike a lot. It is a nice ride. Steel frame of unknown provenance, Dura Ace 10-speed groupset with downtube shifters, Ambrosio Crono wheels with Vittoria Corsa tubulars (23mm.) Solid ride all around.

Today, I took out my crabon bike out for a spin, after a year laying dormant. Focus Cayo, Force groupset, Psimet crabon tubulars. I followed the same route I rode on my trusty steelstead last week and lo and behold, I went over 2 mph faster on the crabon bike!

For the nonbelievers, I shall present evidence.

Exhibit 1, ride on the steel bike:

Note the average speed (shall not be confused with cruising speed.)

Exhibit 2, same ride on the crabon bike:

That's like a 15% gain in speed!

So, is crabon faster? Discuss.
Do not rule out the effect that you KNEW you were riding on a carbon bike. This is the reason for "double blind" tests; Everything disguised, you don't know what bike you are riding on, anyone administering the test does not know what bike you are riding on. Now bikes are difficult to disguise without messing up the aerodynamics. But you cannot discount placebo effects.
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