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Just shipped to Missoula using Bikeflights (again). I liked it better before. Picked 5 business day shipping (when they used FdEx it was four). Actually took 6 business days. I also had trouble with their website. First it kept giving me odd pick up and delivery dates when I was checking pricing and times. When I finally went to buy, I put in all the required information, but it would not accept my payment. Every time I hit the button to buy I kept getting sent back to the same screen. Gave up and tried again the next morning. It worked then. Still, that was annoying. Also, the pickup charge is now $15. Anyone know when it changed from $5? I had not used the pickup service in several years because there is a FedEx/Kinko's store around the corner from the LBS that packs my bike and they would run it around the corner for me as a courtesy.
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