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Yesterday I rode the road bike back on the cement path from the LBS,
2.2 miles away. On the way back I picked up two goatheads by the
underpass, but was able to get them out with no leaks.

Today I rode it back for a minor adjustment, and picked up three, one
of which started a leak. I had the LBS put a puncture tube in the
affected tire, and started home.

On the way back I decided to carry the bike through the underpass.
Just as I emerged on the other side and I rolled the bike about 1 wheel circumference, and before I could mount the bike, I got two more, and limped back home.

As I have had folks in the past claim that goatheads NEVER get in the sidewall of a tire, I snapped a
(blurry) pic with my cell phone camera.

I am now going to install a puncture tube in the other tire! I guess
it is the extreme dryness and continuous high winds that is causing
this! Sort of ruins a ride.

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