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looks good. Good penetration where it matters, got a little cold around the edges. Smooth and no pinholes. The gasflux bronze is really nice to work with. A lot of people suffer with lfb they get from the local welding supply, who knows what is in that stuff, lots of pinholes. My first canti boss fixture was a flat piece of metal that I cut a slot in by hand. Worked pretty well.

I'm pretty sure I have told people they could use something like the turbo torch, air/propane. People usually want to use a regular old plumbing torch, which doesn't get as hot. But the issue is that the less heat you have, the more likely you are to overheat things, which seems counter intuitive. It sounds like you have a lot of brazing experience, so that's not as much of an issue. I'm pretty sure you can drive a rosebud with a 5l/min oxygen concentrator. Doug Fattic talks about rosebuds, there is a oxy/propane thread near the top of the framebuilding forum right now.

The problem with not using glasses is that you will get cataracts.
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