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I only will buy rim for road. Any disc system is not to be considered. Mind you, I am not a racer. I buy for racers (plural).

UCI pros have a weight limit. So they add ballast to the bike, or disc breaks.
Discs are harder to do a wheel change for, chances of a rub are higher they are heavier and less aero. They require heavier forks, have heavier cable/fluid.
I knock 2# off a typical bike getting rid of discs because of the lighter hoods/levers, forks, cables, wheels...
In context of this forum, braking is a thing for strategy (old locked thread) and something that in general does not often help winning very much.
I would bet, most UCI riders given the choice [they do not have] - would ride a 13# bike, over ride a 15# bike with discs.

Again, pros have a weight limit, so discs are "free" and they swap bikes, not wheels. So the downside is much less, and they are paid to do it.

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