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Originally Posted by Banzai View Post
This is little more than a rant/lamentation about the obsolescence of my Pugsley.

Since Surly no longer makes Marge Lite or Rabbit Hole rims, future wheel builds are pretty much out of the question, should I either need or desire. (I currently swap mine between full fat and 29er configs.) It’s obvious that the parts-base for this bike is slowly going extinct.

4” is no longer adequate for width, apparently. Tires are getting harder to buy too.

The thing I like most about the Pugs is that I can use standard spaced MTB parts...particularly the Alfine 8. Maybe it’s time to sell it now though before it gets so obsolete that it can’t be sold.
I'm trying to understand this. Are you saying you think the pug will be obsolete because you can't buy 4" tires or rims that fit or because you can't buy those particular rims from Surly?
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