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Super poor choice of workout last night. The weekly hammer ride on Tues is a good bit of Z5 and Z6 of 6 zones. You shouldn't try to follow that up with......another Z6 workout. Moron. I tried to do 30/30's and 1/1 work last night, without my cooling fan. Storms were rolling thru and I was bored. I cracked 500w each time on the first set, bonked the 2nd set and couldn't crack low 400's. Pitiful.

I say it was a super poor choice because today was 95% day. I did 40min of work in 50min at 95% after all that crap Tues/Weds. It felt like punishment the last 20min. I needed a gel or something in me, the HR said I could finish by grinding it out but the feeling of depleted energy/sugar stores was saying "you better wrap this up soon or I'll make you wrap it up". I'm out of non-caffeine gels a home.

At least by mid year I'm at 10w more for most everything. That'd be on track for another 10w by year end.
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